White layered

There’s something about a white dress code that really appeals to me. I had to do a little search in curiosity and found that : The color white affects the mind and body by aiding in mental clarity, promoting feelings of fresh beginnings and renewal, assisting in cleansing, clearing obstacles and clutter, and encouraging the purification of thoughts and actions.

I love white but let’s be honest the reason we refrain from going overboard in owning white pieces is because of how quickly they get dirty. You always have to be mindful of a lot when dressed in white, the chair you sit on, what you touch etc. Where is the fun in that really but that should not completely take us away from owning a few white items and rocking them. In my looks I decided to play a bit with white. I am dressed in a pullover layered with a waistcoat then a blazer. I think it worked beautifully by pairing it with blue jeans. It created a contrast between the two causing both colors to stand out. I loved playing with the subtle details as well like the necklace,the rings and the bag to create a statement that’s not overbearing on the look. I could have worn heels but standing at 6feet tall i find comfort in flat shoes 80% of the time. What better shoe to use than moccasins, they are currently trending. I also added an extra touch by going dark on the lips. Dark lipsticks are not everyone’s cup of tea but I always advice people to never limit themselves when it comes to fashion because a combination of your personality and style with a bit of adventure is what sets you aside.

I hope this look will inspire you to look on the bright side. Please share your opinions. The look will be on shop my look in the menu.


Home is where your make up stash is

Home is where your make up stash is

As a model of color it’s always a struggle when you arrive on set, you are excited about the job but the cloud of makeup worry overwhelms you.

You are faced with the makeup artists not having your shade or having a lighter or darker shade on your face and looking ghostly at times. So I always make it a point to bring my own makeup and educate myself about makeup.

Now finding out about fenty beauty I understood where the hype is coming from and honestly it is the best thing that’s happened to people of color and with good reason.

I bought myself the fenty rum match stix and the truffle for highlighting and contouring. I’m happy to say I’m inlove and I love convenience.Im also a mom so my time is limited and thanks to the match stix I don’t have to spend hours doing make up.

I achieved thèse two looks by using the following: Bobbi brown  @bobbibrown foundation stick, fenty rum and truffle match stix  @fentybeauty, eyeliner,mascara and lipstick @maccosmetics, eyeshadow @clinique

Hope you like the looks,do leave your thoughts and let me know about your favorite daily makeup must haves.